Technical Details

Vehicle Type: used car
Previous Owners: 1
Body Type: Coupe
Year: 07/2011
Mileage: 2.671 miles
Fuel Type: gasoline
Power: 882 KW / 1182 HP
Transmission: automatic
Exterior Color: blue carbon visible
Fuel Consumption: combined: 11,04 mpg/ 62 miles, CO² Emission 398 g/mile
Doors: 2

Status: sold

Price: On Request


This is an amazing and unique example of the fastest car on the planet. The performance figures and specification are incredible. 100 mph in 5.5 seconds, 263 mph top speed, 1.182 hp, 1250 NM from 2000 rpm, W16 cylinder, twin turbo charged, all-wheel drive, 7 speed double clutch gearbox, active aerodynamics, bespoke interior and exterior. So not only is the fastest car just that, it is also one of the most manageable. Undoubtedly an icon of it’s time and it’s testament to VW Groups boss Dr Piech (chief engineer for Porsche 917, Audi Quattro …) and his vision of Ettore Bugatti’s work. Bugatti was the pioneer of combining engineering solutions in an art form. Ettore and his son believed, if it was possible in metal, then it need to perform and look, perfect. Exquisite.

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1182 HP